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Mold Testing Services

Spanos Environmental offers three levels of mold testing services.  After reading through our services, please feel free to call us if you aren’t sure which one is right for you.

  • Limited Sampling
    This is our most economical mold service.

    Limited sampling means samples are taken at client requested areas only. Typically, this includes air samples, surface and item samples.  We usually will use tape or swabs to capture the mold and then submit it to the lab.
    Benefits:  This is a fast and economical way to determine if mold is present and if so, the types of mold within a defined area.

    Limitations: Other sources of mold may go undetected outside the defined area so your mold problem might not be resolved.

  • Mold Screening
    Mold Screening is our most popular mold testing service and is designed to uncover the most common mold problems.  It includes a visual assessment, two (2) indoor samples and one (1) control sample. A control sample provides data for the baseline air quality in your area.  Mold Screenings are frequently ordered by the buyer in real estate transactions.

    We recommend one indoor sample per 1000 sq. ft. of living area for best results. If your residence or business is bigger than 2,000 sq. ft., additional indoor samples may need to be ordered.  Each source of detected visible mold should be cultured.


    Benefits:  Mold Screening will generally reveal mold problems and provide information for a mold remediation or removal plan if necessary.

    Limitations: As a non-intrusive service, hidden areas of mold may go undetected. Complete sampling and further assessment might be needed to write remediation specifications.  This is  determined on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Mold Surveys
    Mold surveys, our most thorough mold testing service, are frequently ordered by homeowners who know or suspect the presence of mold.  It will detect the presence of any microbial problem in readily accessible areas of the property by following prescribed mold testing protocols.  Our mold survey service includes three (3) indoor samples and one (1) control sample.  A control sample provides data for the baseline air quality in your area. 

    We recommend one indoor sample per 1000 sq. ft. of living area for best results. Each source of visible mold should be cultured.  

    Benefits:  Identifies and determines the cause of any detected mold which enables a full mold remediation recommendation of corrective measures.

    Limitations: It is non-intrusive and hidden areas of mold may go undetected.

Give Spanos Environmental a call to discuss your residential or business mold problem and we'll be happy to make a recommendation.  We guarantee all of our mold testing and removal services.


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Completed On Time & On Budget

"We initially had checked with several companies about mold we had in our house....after contacting Spanos Environmental, we felt very comfortable with their understanding of our situation and their pricing compared to several others we had contacted. The job was completed in a timely manner and as quoted. Even when we changed the scope of the job, the Spanos Environmental team was understanding and accommodating...."

- Janice B
Homeowner, Sarasota FL

Clogged drain on a A/C unit caused Mold

"Our church had mold in it, we could smell it, but we could not find it. Jeff, from Spanos Environmental LLC did some testing and hunting and found the source of the problem, a clogged drain on a A/C unit. It had been dumping water through our ceiling in slow batches and into the carpet and walls. Fixed! Pastor Mike, Sarasota FL

We can breathe well again

"Our environment was making our allergies worse...several people could not come in the building during the summer because of an elevated mold count in the building. Spanos Environmental was able to help us take air samples and determine an ongoing solution to a problem that had lasted for years....Thanks to Spanos Environmental we can breath well again within our building...Highly recommend their services!"

- Jared Y
Windham Bible Chapel

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