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Spanos Air and Dryer Duct Cleaning

A home or residential air duct cleaning job takes just a few hours and is surprisingly clean. 

Air Ducts: Spanos Environmental uses a state of the art HVAC duct cleaning system that powerbrushes and vacuums at the same time.  The Rotobrush is a rotating brush system that thoroughly brush vacuums every surface within your duct work, easily snaking around corners, removing every speck of dust and dirt even within the wrinkles and crevices of flexible duct work.  All dirt and dust is collected in a HEPA filtered containment device to prevent airborne contamination.

dirty air ducts Mold Prevention: After every air duct in your home is cleaned, Spanos sanitizes the entire HVAC system using an anti-microbial disinfectant. This is an environmentally safe mold retardant and sanitizer that minimizes the regrowth of organic components and is commonly used in nursing homes and hospitals where air quality is critical.

clean air ducts Grills and Registers:  All grills, registers and air vent covers are taken outside for a thorough cleaning using degreasers and sanitizing detergents.  They are then carefully dried and replaced.

sanitize air ducts in your NH home Dryer Ducts and Vents: There are on average over 16,000 dry vent fires a year in the USA. Using a proven dryer vent cleaning system, we inspect and clean your dryer ducts including air flow meter checks, then clean dryer vents effectively, even with extended runs.   Alleviate restricted airflow and reduce your dryer run time (contributes to rising utility bills) today!

If your dryer seems to be slowing down or taking more time to dry, contact us today!

Read more about the importance of cleaning your dryer ducts and vents.

 Spanos Environmental meets all NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) standards for air duct cleaning including source removal method, HEPA filtered collection and cleaning of all registers, furnace air filters and blower motors.

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