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Spanos Environmental offers services that enhance the environment of your home or office, keeping your health, safety and enjoyment in mind.  We provide cleaning services throughout Sarasota County.  Please read more about our

Cleaning your Ducts & Vents 

A home or residential air duct cleaning job takes just a few hours and is surprisingly clean. 

Air Ducts: Spanos Environmental uses a state of the art HVAC duct cleaning system that powerbrushes and vacuums at the same time.  The Rotobrush is a rotating brush system that thoroughly brush vacuums every surface within your duct work, easily snaking around corners, removing every speck of dust and dirt even within the wrinkles and crevices of flexible duct work.  All dirt and dust is collected in a HEPA filtered containment devi...



Air Purification Products

For more information about Air Purification equipment and supply please ...

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