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About Us

Spanos Environmental is a family owned and operated business based out of Sarasota, Florida. We provide a wide variety of cleaning and restoration services for much of Sarasota County.

Our mission is to help you keep your environment clean and healthy.  We are always researching products and services that contribute to a clean and healthy environment for your family and business.  What started as a window cleaning business is now a full-service operation. 

Training and Certification

Certified Mold Inspector:  After encountering many issues with mold over the years, I realized that it was contributing to indoor air quality and health issues.  I thoroughly researched various programs to learn about how to assess and clean teh mold I was finding the homes and businesses I was already servicing.  The NORMI Certification program techniques sets the standard on how to accurately evaluate indoor air quality. For many years people have known that something in their indoor air is a problem and they may even suspect mold.  Now, by using proven NORMI standards for measuring and assessing IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and mold problems, I can properly assess their situation and remedy it. 


Best Living Systems:  Exclusive professional-grade mold inspection, mold remediation, and indoor air quality products.

Certifications Matter!

As the owner of Spanos Environmental, I am proud of my commitment to education and certification.  You can count on me to stay up-to-date and use the latest technologies to help you inspect, test, evaluate and solve your environmental problems.  Call me today! Jeff Spanos

  • AAA - Advanced Anabec Applicator  Certified in the application of Anabec products on both New Construction and Mold Remediation projects.
  • CBA - Certified Biocide Applicator  Certified in the application of approved, green technology, safe and proven anti-microbials, protectants, encapsulates, biocides, and other chemicals for the prevention and control of surface microbes including mold, bacteria, and algae.
  • CMA - Certified Mold Assessor/ NORMI  The CMA is a fully licensed and insured professional, trained to meet specific state requirements and
    • Completed at least 60 hours of education in advanced mold assessment techniques including mold, water, and respiratory protection (PPE)
    • Trained in IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) investigative techniques and protocols using IICRC S500, IICRC S520, NYC Guidelines, and EPA Standards.
    • Trained in corrosive drywall (CDW or Chinese Drywall) screening and mitigation, based on the latest information provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), EPA, and other governmental controlling agencies

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Spanos Environmental Company History

Our Family moved to Florida after immigrating to the US from Greece in 1910.    In 1926, Leo Spanos joined other Greeks who came to Sarasota Florida to develop the land for produce and livestock.

Throughout the years The Spanos Family in Sarasota, have been workers of the trades (plumbers, electricians, HVAC); builders; restaurant owners; real estate agents; bankers; ranchers; horsemen; inventors of new products; friends to the Ringlings and many other dreamers.

We remember 5 corners when it was just a wooden board walk and a muddy street after the rain. We love this county and what it has been and what it is becoming.

Since the early years of Sarasota, Spanos Environmental has been providing residential and commercial cleaning at all levels. We combine "Old World Values, With New World Techniques and Technologies." 

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